Why we have day and night

This story is told in the land of gravity, where live the dancers who like the gravity to play with, trying to conquer the gravity and make it look like no gravity exists at all.

Before going to bed the children asked grandmother: "why is it we have to sleep now, we like to keep on playing". Grandmother said "you don't know it, you may not feel it, but you are tired, your bodies need to rest now, so tomorrow you can play and dance again. When it gets dark, you know you have to go to bed. That's the reason why it gets dark. It is the same with the Sun - he is also going to sleep when it gets dark, because he also is tired."

"But why is the Sun tired? How can than be? The Sun is not doing a lot, he's just moving slowly and lazily through the sky - he's not playing or dancing or doing anything!"

So grandmother told them why the sun gets tired, and why we have day and night. "When you eat an apple, there is one apple less in the world. So when a lot of children eat apples, there are a lot less apples in the world, so maybe one day there are no apples any more. Wouldn’t that be terrible? But luckily, because the sun shines the apple trees can grow new apples all the time. When the Sun is tired and lazy he goes to sleep. But how is he going to wake up again?"

"In early days the sky was different. It was really a big bag full of nuts. So in the first early morning the sun woke up and he saw all these nuts and he liked that very much and started eating them. He climbed higher and higher. He couldn't stop eating them so it was a very, very long day. He became so heavy of eating them he started to fall down. First slowly, and then faster and faster. You know, nuts have a lot of food and fat in them, so when you eat a lot, you become fat and lazy. That's what happened to the sun. He got lazy and because of that he didn't eat all the nuts and he got tired and fell asleep. And the nuts he didn't eat became the stars and the planets and the moon. But the sun was so lazy, he didn't wake up any more and the night was very, very long."

"At last he felt so hungry he had to wake up. But what could he eat? He looked around and around and the he saw a lot of children playing in the early morning. They were juicy and fresh and he ate them all. Then he fell asleep again."

"But the applegod didn't like that at all. During the long day he had grown a lot of apples and they were wonderfull, tastefull and healthy. You cannot have enough of them really. So he wanted more, and waited for the sun to wake up again. Sometimes the lazy sun opened an eye, and he saw a few tiny stars and thought: those few nuts are not worth while, alas! nothing to eat. All the children are gone too, I better go on sleeping. And so he did.”

"In the end the apple-god got became impatient. He thought: "I need some trick to make this lazy sun waken up and feel hungry again.” First he took the children out of the sun and send them home again. "And be more quiet in the morning next time!" he said. Then he took all the apples he had left together and made one big apple of them. It was so big and did smell so wonderfull. When the sun did smell it, he couldn't resist it. He woke up and started eating the apple right away. So there was a new day and the sun was shining bright. And the little new apples on the trees started growing again. How clever of the applegod!"

"The big apple in the sky the sun was eating was very very big, and because of that the sun became heavier and heavier all the time and started to fall down again. Also having eaten so much he was very lazy and fell asleep. So it was night again. But you know, the applegod was very smart. Apples are tastefull and healthy and don’t have a lot of fat in them. They are light to eat. So this time, the sun didn't sleep that long and in the morning he was not lazy anymore. And during the night the applegod did make a new big apple and when the sun woke up he started eating right away."

"And that's why we have day and night. And because there are a lot of days there is a lot of sunshine and there are a lot of apples left for the other creatures and for the new children to grow. And now you go to bed. And do sleep well and don't disturb the apple-god when he makes a new big apple for the sun during the night. For if the sun wakes up and there is no new big apple, he might start eating nice juicy children like you again!"