aether  -  "Is not the Heat of the warm Room convey'd through the Vacuum by the Vibrations of a much subtiler Medium than Air, which after the Air was drawn out remained in the Vacuum? And is not this Medium the same with that Medium by which Light is refracted and reflected, and by whose Vibrations Light communicates Heat to Bodies, and is put into Fits of easy Reflexion and easy Transmission?" (Isaac Newton)

"Objects and matter are not moving through this medium, they are manifestations of this medium, like local vibrations of all kinds and movement." (the Alchemist)
alchemist  -  he can become weightless and float around, but he feels it's not very practical
animus  -  an appearance or object is made alive with an animus - if no animus is available it can be extracted from another being, which will become lifeless as a consequence - an animus always needs an appearance or object and inherits its characteristics
bol  -  brother of tarko - both bol and tarko are mo's - they have very different character 
cccc  -  chamber of continual chaotic change - a place with higher-level vacuum fluctuations (non-deterministic) probably builds up from lower-level open arena's (deterministic elements)- the cccc is a casino-like element in the labyrinth 
id  -  id's accumulate matter around them and give it structure - each id gives a specific structure - they're kind of like seeds, but they keep their integrity as ids - contrary to seeds who do transform and are mortal - ids are eternal - in accumulating material they don't discriminate between living and dead matter, so they can act like predators - unaware, unconscious
fox  -  an evil person, full of selfish aggression, unaware of the results of his deeds, they may be unexpected


has this overwelming power - nothing can stop him
as he creates he also destroys
unknowingly - focused as he is on his ideas
hyperreality  -  the blending of fantasy and experience -
by seeing fantasy as real and "reality" as a fantasy
lydia  -  if they integrate with an object the object becomes alive and is formed and guided by it, but lydia do also exist happily on their own
mo (or mob)  -  a mo differs from an id in that a mo has its own matter around - this matter can change form and substance - this makes it mobile and adaptive - it can use nearly any medium for transport - but the identity of the mo is always expressed in the form - a mo is mortal and needs energy for surviving - as there are a lot of ids around, there are but a few mo's
spiritcloud  -  sentient conscious beings are connected by spirit-clouds

tarko  -  brother of bol - both tarko and bol are mo's - they have very different character - tarko doesn't use the mo's options often
universe  -  the universe is a crystal
volt  -  a delicate temporary phenomenon appearing as a being or person - you can go along and communicate with it - but touching it makes it disappear with a pop - as happened to Eloha when she and Vasco in the end embraced each other

water  -