about this site

moment 0 is a collection of situations, developments and relations
presented in visual artwork and ordered in space and time

it is both a tool to organize my ideas and try-outs
and a way of presenting my work to the visitor

if you get lost while wandering through this site,
then let your fantasy be your guide

  the transporter gives movement in space and time
if you see a coŲrdinate with - or + on a lever
you can move in that direction by clicking on it
the middle button with H brings you home

the small button to the right of H links to notes
about the location where you are

the small button below H links to a page
from where you can jump to different places

  the page title (up center in the windowframe)
gives oriŽntation as to where you are
by telling the coŲrdinates, like: location  x = 0  y = -1  z = 0  t = -3

jurgen bogerd
the netherlands

              artwork © 2018 Jurgen Bogerd